(see link below)
2) FULL PAYMENT of $525.00

-Please make your check or money order payable to Hoops Training. The payment and parental
waiver must all be collected the day of your tryout.  You will not be allowed to participate
without them.

-Tryout results will be available on Thursday, March 29th on the Hoops Training website.  
Athletes not making a team will be refunded all funds by U.S. Mail or shredding of the check.

-Please bring a reversible numbered jersey(if you have one) to help identify you during tryouts.  

-A few basketballs will be on hand, but you may want to bring your own to get a good warm-up in.

-All athletes should plan on attending the tryout.  If you are unable to and interested in playing
please fill out the form and contact Andrew as it may still be possible to make a team based
through an alternate tryout or on recommendations from area coaches.

-Parents may attend/watch tryouts, but are not required to do so.
Contact Andrew at AndrewDahl@HoopsTraining.com or 651-592-6099 with any questions.
All Athletes Must Register Online Prior To Tryouts!!!
Parental Waiver Form
Marshall, MN Area Teams
Athlete Name:
Male or Female:
Current Grade(2017-18):
Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Parent / Guardian Name(s):
Home Address:
E-Mail Addresses:  You may list as many e-mail addresses as you please---this will be the main form of
communication regarding tournament schedules, practice dates & times, hotel, and other info)
E-mail #1
E-mail #2
E-mail #3
Cell Phone Numbers: Optional, but recommended for any potential last minute notifications
Position (Please list favorite or best if play more than one):
Level Played This Season (Varsity, B-Squad, 7th grade, etc...may list more than one):
Approximate Stats (from level played most this season):
Don't have to be exact, but please don't lie!  Tryout will be main evaluation tool
Level of play: (Varsity, 9A, 8th grade, etc)
Points Per Game:
Rebounds Per Game:
Assists Per Game:
Jersey Info: Men's Adult Sizes
(may list Youth XL)
Shorts Size:
Top Size:
I hope to have some size sample on hand at tryouts. If you want to switch sizes at that time, you may do so.
Jersey Number Preferences   Please List Top 5 Choices  (example: 15,23,51,3,31) *not guaranteed to get your top choices
Practice Availability:  
Can be specific on dates or times that
DON'T work to practice.  
Will try our best to avoid the dates you list, but may not be able to
accommodate all requests.
Tournament Schedule/Availability:  
For the following potential tournament dates, please put YES (can make it) or NO (cannot make it)
April 21-22:
April 28-29:
May 5-6:
May 12-13:
May 19-20:
June 2-3:
June 9-10:
Player or Coach Referral Name (if have one)
Please Click Submit...and remember the tryout info above! THANK YOU!!!
(After clicking SUBMIT a page saying "The following form submission was sent"
should appear.  If you are having troubles and can't send the form, please contact
me @ AndrewDahl@HoopsTraining.com)