SKILL TRAINING (available year-round)
SHOOTING FORM - a focus on developing proper footwork, staying balanced and
squaring shoulder to the basket, & getting a perfect release, backspin, & follow through

BALL HANDLING - making quicker and stronger moves to create separation from
defenders.  Developing confidence in attacking the basket using the weak-hand dribble

FINISHING AROUND THE BASKET - using the body to shield off defenders, absorb
contact and still keep focus on the rim, using shot fakes to get defenders up in the air
and out of position.  Many of these drills will include contact from a football blocking
shield to emulate a live defender

CREATING SCORING OPPORTUNITIES - using jab-steps, shot fakes, spin moves,
hop-backs and other offensive moves to create openings to get a shot off

QUICKNESS & VERTICAL JUMP- Plyometric exercises, drills to create a quick
first step & improve lateral movement, and explosive vertical leap training

Other skills available at request: Post Moves, 1-on-1 Defense, Rebounding, and more!
$60 for a one hour session with Coach Andrew Dahl

For small groups, of up to 6 athletes, the cost will be divided amongst the group-
*Must build own group of teammates, friends, siblings, etc.
(2 athletes - $30.00 each, 3 athletes - $20.00 each, 4 athletes - $15.00, 5 athletes - $12.00, 6 athletes - $10.00)

Sign up for multiple sessions and save!

Schedule and prepay for 5 or more sessions and pay $55/hr
(2 athletes - $27.50 each, 3 athletes- $18.33, 4 athletes - $13.75, 5 athletes - $11.00, 6 athletes - $9.25)

Schedule and prepay for 10 or more sessions and pay $50/hr
(2 athletes - $25.00 each, 3 athletes- $16.66, 4 athletes - $12.50, 5 athletes - $10.00, 6 athletes - $8.33)

Payments accepted:
Check or money order (payable to Hoops Training)
Credit Card thru
*must add an additional 3% to total to cover cost of accepting for more info on how to pay with PayPal
**all athletes must pay the day of the session***

(1) Choose training times from those available below

(2) If this is the first session for the athlete, submit the
NEW ATHLETE FORM below. If a returning athlete,
EMAIL OR TEXT the Athlete Name and Training Dates & Times Requested to:

(3) Rescheduling or canceling a session requires a 24 hour notice or you will be charged the full rate
Is it better to do private sessions or group training?
I feel that athletes get more out of a one-on-one training situation.  (More repetitions, more
feedback, more guidance)  I typically suggest doing at least one private lesson before doing a
group session so that I can give the athlete a good idea on the areas that need the most work.  
However, the small group sessions are more cost-friendly and I've found that some athletes are
more comfortable training with a friend or two.

What is a good age to start training?
It really varies from kid to kid.  Dribbling skills and footwork are very important for
younger/beginning players, and getting a jump on that skill-set can lead to more success early in a
youth basketball career. Strength is a big factor in developing shooting form, so a lot of times for
players younger than 4th grade I focus solely on ball-handling and footwork.  Most 4th and 5th
graders are ready to start developing good shooting form habits.  Bad shooting habits are tough
to break if players shoot incorrectly for too long, so getting a grasp on a few keys early is huge!

Can you help elite or older-aged kids or is this program only for players beginning to build skills?
Yes, I definitely can.  I have trained 9 current Division 1 College Basketball player or recruits.  A lot
of the older 11th & 12th graders that I work with are surprised with some of the small adjustments
in footwork or form that make a big difference in their game.  I really enjoy working with players
who are already very good but want to keep adding, fine-tuning, and quickening skills and moves.


Times listed in Orange are Hour-Long Sessions for Private Lessons or Small
Group Training
(form your own group of up to 6 athletes) with Coach Andrew Dahl at
the Victoria Rec Center
(8475 Kochia Lane - Victoria, MN 55386)

Athlete Evaluation and Parental Waiver Form

Mon, Aug 13 - x
Tues, Aug 14 - x
Wed, Aug 15 - x
Thur, Aug 16 - No Dribbling Camp
Fri, Aug 17 -
1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp

Mon, Aug 20 - 1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp
Tues, Aug 21 - 1pm Drop-In Dribbling Camp, 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Wed, Aug 22 - 1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp
Thur, Aug 23 - 1pm Drop-In Dribbling Camp, 5:00pm
Fri, Aug 24 - 10:00am, 1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp

Mon, Aug 27 - 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp, 4:00pm
Tues, Aug 28 - 1pm Drop-In Dribbling Camp, 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Wed, Aug 29 - 9:00am, 10:00am, 1pm Drop-In Shooting Camp, 4:00pm
Thur, Aug 30 - 1pm Drop-In Dribbling Camp, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm
Fri, Aug 31 - No Shooting Camp
(1) tell the Reception Desk that you're here for a Hoops
Training Session with Andrews
(gym is down the steps and
to the right)

(2) If this is the first session for the athlete, turn in the
following to Andrew on the court:

Athlete Evaluation & Parental Waiver Form

(3) Parents may come in the gym and watch the session
but cannot use other areas of the facility unless you are a
member or pay the fee for a daily pass

(4) Basketballs will be on-hand to use.  You may bring
your own if you prefer.
***If athlete has had a Hoops Training session, you may email
or text
651-592-6099 to schedule additional sessions and skip this form***
Athlete Name:
School or Travel Team:
Date of Birth:
Parent / Guardian Name(s):
Home Address:
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Will athlete share lesson time(s) with other athlete(s)?
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Comments on athlete and/or training
wishes (skills to focus on, etc)
Where did you hear about Hoops Training:  
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Check-In Procedure at Victoria Rec Center
Frequently Asked Questions:
Each session can be specialized to focus on an athlete or group's preferred skill areas.
A typical training session will include:
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